Publish Translations

Translation Exchange creates a robust way of publishing and releasing translation to users. Translation Exchange utilizes Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to distribute translation to users globally and fast. It created a swift and easy way to roll back a release if required. Our step by step guide describes the process of the release of your translation.

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard and select your project. On your left side under "Admin" section click on "Releases".

Step 2: Under "Releases" there is Visualization of most of your recent Releases with details on how many strings have already been released, how many languages have been incorporated, as well as when the release took place. To publish new release click on "Publish Translation" on the right hand side of the page.

In a few seconds a new release is created. It becomes available almost immediately and upon refreshing the page one shall see whether it was created successfully.

Once the release is published and available, it is distributed to all the users who utilize the Translation Exchange Global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Note! Should you discover a mistake in translation, roll back process is just a one step process: select any previous release that you see on "Releases" page. By selecting any of the previous releases you disable the latest release.