Order Translations

Translation Exchange offers three ways to translate your application: Machine Translation, Professional Translation, and Crowdsourcing.

Machine Translation is the fastest way to translate your application to any language. However, the translations are very inaccurate. The Machine Translation approach allows designers and developers to quickly visualize initial translation. To translate your application using machine translation engine, login to your Dashboard and select “Strings” section.

On the top right corner click on “Machine Translation”; in the pop-up window select the language you want to translate to and click on “Get Machine Translation.”

The above process translates all the strings that were extracted using “Machine Translation." You can translate any amount of strings or selected sources of your application using “Machine Translation”. To translate selected source, select “Sources”, then click on source and follow the same process from above to order “Machine Translation”.

You can translate a single and/or multiple strings by selecting them from “Strings” or “Sources” sections and by clicking on “Machine Translation” which is in the toolbar directly above “Strings”.

"Professional Translation" is the most trusted way to translate one’s application. Translation Exchange created a simple yet reliable process to complete translation, it utilizes our vast network of translators who are otherwise known as Language Service Providers (LSPs).

if you would like to translate all strings that were extracted from your project, select “Strings” section and click on “Order Translation”, in popup window select one or more languages in which you would like to order translation and click on “Preview Order”

Next window will present you with a choice of prefered LSPs and their prices. A number of languages are available from various providers, each provider assigns their own cost for the translation service. By default lowest priced provider is offered in the drop-down menu, however, any one provider may be selected from the list. As we grow our provider network, and more providers are being signed in and added all the time, please, let us know if you may have a preference to work with someone you've worked before and are satisfied with their services quality of their translation.

If you would like to translate just a single string, multiple strings or all strings from a single source, process is similar. Either select strings from “Strings” section, or select source from “Sources” section and follow the same steps to order a professional translation.

To complete your order after you select a provider and preview the order, click on “Submit Order”. On a new page you will find details about your order and order status. In time, when your order is complete, you will see status as "complete", the translation starts showing up in dashboard, the latest translation is going to have the highest rank; it is also going to be automatically locked. After you are done with translating your project, you can follow our Release guide to publish your project to your users