Bellow is step by step tutorial for integrating TranslationExchange into your Knack application.

If you did not have your project setup, please sign up here.

Step 1: Login to your Knack builder application, and click on your specific app to change settings:

Step 2: On the left side menu click on "Api & Code":

Step 3: Click on "JavaScript" tab to enter following code snippet:

<script src=""></script>  
   key: "YOUR-PROJECT-KEY",           // replace with your  Project Token
   translateBody: true,
   translateTitle: true

IMPORTANT! Make sure you replace "YOUR-PROJECT-KEY" with your token and "YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY" with your key. Click "Save" and "Preview". If you do not have your token please get it from your Dashboard

Translation Exchange is offering default language selectors for changing language. Add the following "div" tag where you would like the language selector to appear. TranslationExchange offering three types of default Language selector: "default", "popup", and "flags" you can place this code anywhere on shopping page.

<div data-tml-language-selector="popup" data-tml-toggle=true data-tml-powered-by=true></div>  

Once above steps are done, please refresh your page and enter Translation Inline mode for your strings to appear on your Dashboard.
To enter Translation Inline mode, use our Shortcuts:
CTRL Shift I To enable Inline mode.

Integration with your Knack application is now complete please follow our simple few steps tutorial on how to complete Translations for your page and how to publish it for your users: Trasnlations Process