Creating New Project

The Translation Exchange SDKs are available for many web and mobile platforms. Before creating a project let's select type of project you are working with:

Type of Project

You are presented with a screen where you can select 4 major frameworks:
Website Integrations - Third party platforms for building and hosting apps like wordpress, freshdesk, Shopify and others.

Standard Web Apps - Traditional server side applications, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Django and others.

Single Page Apps - A single client side page with dynamic updates, AngularJS, Ember, Backbone.js, and others.

Mobile Apps - Native mobile apps, IOS, and Android

Other - Other types that were not mentioned or hybrid projects.


Project Details

After selecting type of project, please tell us more about the project:

Project Name - Name of the project excerpts numbers and spaces.

Source Language - Select a language your project is developed with.

Target Languages - Choose language(s) you want to translate your project to, you can always add more languages later in the project settings.

Web URL - Please enter URL of your application it can take localhost address if you are just testing a project and later can be updated.


Installing Our Library(SDK)

Next screen gives you more detailed instruction of how to initialize Translation Exchange Library and instruction will depend on project type you selected.

You are not required to complete this step to create a project, you can always get instructions after you create a project under Integration page or from our Documentation Center.

You will not benefit from any of Translation Exchange features until you complete integration, but we understand that some integrations might take more time than others.

Verification Step:

If you complete integration during that step and would like to verify it, click on


You will need to provide Web URL of your application.

If you do not complete integration or simply want to skip verification step, please click on "Skip Verification" Link.

Complete/Upload Process

In the last step of project creation Translation Exchange provides an ability to upload your existing translated file if they are available.
We support .xliff, .tmx, .csv, .xls and .sqlite types in this step.
If you do not have any files to upload simple click:


Thank you for create a project with us and getting a step closer to revolutionary Localization Process.
Please check more information in our Documentation Center